Charter of Values


This Charter of Values contains the description of the rules that the company Fabrizio Poker of D’Annunzio Fabrizio & C. S.A.S. (hereinafter “Fabrizio Poker”) has laid down and implemented in order to ensure professionalism and integrity towards the customer in the context of online sales management. It is about a quality and guarantee charter for the customer, who has no way, in the e-commerce mode, of getting to know places and people personally, and touching products directly. Therefore, the principles below, set out in this section, relate to the company vision from a moral and ethical point of view, and stand for values that Fabrizio Poker has chosen as a focus on which they have based their management.


Honesty and integrity are basic values for Fabrizio Poker and are always taken into account when professional and commercial performances are provided. The management of relations, with both the in-house staff and the coworkers, the partners and the customers, is therefore inspired by criteria and attitudes of loyalty and mutual respect.



Towards their coworkers and customers, Fabrizio Poker follows the search for professionalism, starting with the choice of their coworkers through to the delivery of the sold products, that is professionalism as a synonym of responsibility towards customers. Therefore, coworkers have been given specific consultancy and management tasks by Fabrizio Poker and they are asked not only to comply with rules, laws and regulations, but also and above all to respect the deontological principles.


Fabrizio Poker ensures proper information activities towards the coworkers, the staff, the customers and any other individual interacting with the business within every significant event of the business life. Therefore, the financial data and business communications as well as any other information addressed to third parties by Fabrizio Poker meet the requirements of truthfulness, accuracy and completeness. As a result, the description of any single product to be found on the Web as well as communications of quantities and delivery times are reliable and actually implemented.


Fabrizio Poker has paid particular attention to the security and confidentiality of business data by developing specific internal control programs, as far as the issue of IT security is concerned. As regards the legal and documental aspects, the company complies with the rules in any processing operation. With particular reference to marketing operations, both via the Web and the direct ones, Fabrizio Poker ensures the timely implementation of specific measures aiming to guarantee information transparency towards every party concerned and, in this specific context, to obtain the relevant written consent in any case where an obligation is established.

The attention paid to the security of information concerns all types of data being processed, stored, managed, organized and retained, for which Fabrizio Poker ensures the respect of the intellectual property rights (Copyright law No. 633 of 1941 with later amendments and Industrial property code) if trademarks or links to partner companies are present.

It is forbidden to communicate and disseminate information, photos or documents, without having obtained the relevant consent. No sensitive information shall be disseminated.

If data referring to minors should be processed, Fabrizio Poker will obtain the relevant authorizations on behalf of the parents or those exercising parental authority. Therefore, in case of sale, no automatic procedure is foreseen, since the parent or the person exercising parental authority is directly informed in order to protect the prevailing right of the child.

Fabrizio Poker forbids the user to carry out operations aiming to copy or retain documents or other materials related to the corporate ownership. All the improvements, ideas, products, graphic creations and any other product being developed, designed or commercialized by Fabrizio Poker or in any case taken into account for the development or the commercialization of the product fall under the definition of “corporate ownership”.


The Individual, that is both the customer and the coworker, as such and in its entirety, is put by Fabrizio Poker at the heart of their business. As a result, any form of social discrimination or discrimination on grounds of race, sex, language and religion is forbidden. The respect for human dignity and equal opportunities are basic values and, as such, they are regarded as an integral part of the company activities. No form of discrimination and violation of the human rights through the encouragement of forced labour, child labour and other types of abuse is tolerated.


Fabrizio Poker has always been operating on the market while complying with the rules of free competition and antitrust and avoiding actions to their advantage, but contrary to the wording of the law. Furthermore, the company operates in compliance with the trade agreements reached with their partners. Therefore, the company bans any behavior aiming to hinder an ethical and honest industrial and commercial competition.


While ensuring full transparency of their business activities, Fabrizio Poker is committed to taking all the necessary measures to prevent any conflict of interests, even if a coworker pursues an interest being different from the corporate mission or enjoys personal benefits accruing from business opportunities of the company itself.


In complete agreement with the above-mentioned values, any internal or external actor providing professional services for Fabrizio Poker is regarded by the company, first of all, as an individual. This means setting up and maintaining a working relationship based on trust, integrity and mutual sincerity.

The selection of staff is made directly by the owner, in the form of job interviews and in compliance with impartiality and equal opportunities.

When the working relationship is set up, any actor (employee or coworker) receives all the information on the subject, the task assigned, legal aspects of the work, contact people. Even though the company defines hierarchical constraints, they pursue a policy of “groups” among the workers, by planning information and training meetings.

Any worker has the opportunity to obtain clarifications or answers to specific questions on behalf of the consultant provided, on each occasion, by the company.

Fabrizio Poker pursues a policy for expanding employment based on a strategy for the business growth and profitability. Any performance aims to avoid discriminatory behaviors towards other people and situations which might bring about a conflict of interests are to be avoided, since they are harmful to the job and the company itself.

The company protects and guarantees the confidentiality of personal, common and sensitive information concerning workers, and issues periodical notices for proper and transparent data processing.


When carrying out specific marketing activities, Fabrizio Poker can grant presents and gifts to the customers, whose goal is to gain customer loyalty and thank the customer for putting their trust in the commercial products and services provided by the company.


The customer, like any other human resource, falls within the above-mentioned values, and constitutes therefore a key asset for the company Fabrizio Poker, towards which constantly improving policies in terms of quality and professionalism concerning the products and services provided are to be implemented.

The company is always open to dialogue with the customer, and is aware that adopting an open attitude for advice and criticisms plays an important role for the business growth, provided that the remarks, even though negative, are accompanied by a desire to be constructive and are not based on a pure spirit of contradiction.

The company staff must adopt a behavioral style towards the customer based on respect for individuals, civil education, kindness and professionalism. The company is committed to making clear and understandable their way to communicate with their customers, by the use of different forms, such as: e-mails, brochures, and so on. All the behaviors of customers aiming at theft, deception and insult are forbidden and prosecuted.


Relations with suppliers and business partners are based on the search for the right competitive balance, and occur in a spirit of loyalty and professional integrity. In particular, the company policies established by suppliers are met by Fabrizio Poker, which intends to maintain an open dialogue with suppliers in line with good commercial practices, even when difficult situations occur.

Following the same line of conduct laid down for staff and customers, the company believes it is important to adopt a spirit of cooperation with each supplier or business partner, so that the common goal represented by customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and delivery times can be achieved.


The accounting activity is carried out in accordance with the rules laid down by our legal system. In the case of relations with foreign countries, business activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant tax laws. The accounting management is entrusted to authorized employees with the support of external professionals.

Every accounting transaction being performed and recorded is accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation, which facilitates the control phase and the tracking of activities, and highlights the responsibilities of each operator. The use of corporate funds for improper or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited and severely punished.

Fabrizio Poker complies with the anti-money laundering rule and prevents the performance of operations which might be potentially hazardous or otherwise are not in accordance with what has been issued in fiscal and tax matters.


Fabrizio Poker is a leading company that pursues policies for improvement even in terms of technology. As a result, this firm is sensitive to the risks associated with the increasing use of information. Therefore, some suitable protection measures have already been introduced and, above all, a particular policy of continuous monitoring aimed at ensuring continuity of work as well as the integrity of information has been defined.


The data of your credit card, thanks to the payment circuit PaypalTM, will not be transferred to our offices, thus guaranteeing full protection.

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The company reserves the right to change their security policies at any time. Therefore, you should check this page periodically in order to know the policies in force at any time.

Should warranties not be recognised under specific rules of law, the content of the disclaimers hereinafter might not be applicable, either in whole or in part.