Legal Notes


The company “Fabrizio Poker di D'Annunzio Fabrizio & C. S.A.S.” (hereinafter “Fabrizio Poker”) herein provides users of this Website with rules for the correct, lawful use of photographs, images, text and any other material published. Said Legal Notes complement the specifications contained in the various regulatory sections defined by the company and published on the Website.

Fabrizio Poker reserves the right to review and integrate the information provided hereinafter at any time whatsoever; for user transparency purposes, the first page bears a number corresponding to the most recent version (currently vers. 1.0)



Fabrizio Poker is not only the business name of the holding company but also its legally registered trademark. La tutela giuridica viene qui estesa anche al dominio, in base al riconoscimento ricevuto dal legislatore con il nuovo Codice della Proprietà Industriale -D. lgs. n. 30 del 2005. New legislation protects and defends domain name from counterfeiting and piracy by Third Parties, which is pursuable with civil and judicial proceedings. Chapter III entitled “Judicial Protection of Industrial Property Rights” (Art. 117-146) allows to seek and obtain a legal injunction for the unlawful registration or temporary transferral of a domain name, subject to payment of a suitable sum by the beneficiary of the provision.

In view of the above, the Website and its contents are the sole property of Fabrizio Poker, which reserves the right to grant Third Parties user rights. It should however be underlined that copyright of some images or publications on the Website are not owned by Fabrizio Poker, which is only a licensee thereof. Website content shall not be copied or downloaded, either in whole or in part, unless specifically specified. Any form of reproduction, in whole or in part, of contents, videos or publications are forbidden unless specifically authorised in writing by Fabrizio Poker. The user is therefore only authorised to view the Website and its contents and to effect operations of non-commercial temporary reproduction of the parts which are integral and essential to the legitimate surfing of the Website and its contents. Copyright clauses are to be considered valid only for this Website and, by extension, solely to

As regards links, the current version of Legal Notes contains no links to external sites. Fabrizio Poker does not monitor such sites and shall not be held responsible for the content of said links, nor their regulations also as regards protection and use of personal data during surfing operations.

It should be noted that Fabrizio Poker does not consider as infringement surface linking, that is the classic link transferring the user to the homepage of another site; deep linking and framing are not authorised and are considered as a breach of copyright and unfair competition respectively.



Fabrizio Poker has developed specific control programs and policies regarding privacy and data protection which are applied both for paper and electronic records. It is company policy to obtain consent to personal data processing upon release of suitable information regarding data collection also as regards company marketing activites and communications. Databases containing users' personal data, as registered on the Website, are stored by and accessible to the holding company and shall not be disclosed to Third Parties.

Should warranties not be recognised under specific rules of law, the content of the disclaimers hereinafter might not be applicable, either in whole or in part.