Payment Methods

Bank transfer

In this case, will send the customer a confirmation e-mail with all the details for the execution of the bank transfer.

The customer will have to send the receipt for payment by fax or e-mail within 1 hour after the confirmation e-mail.

You can send an e-mail to if you want to have more time for the execution of the bank transfer.

Afterwards, you will receive our confirmation of order.

As soon as receives the amount due on their bank account, they will send the goods.

If does not receive the bank transfer confirmation, the order shall be cancelled.


The customer can ask to pay through the PayPal service, their own account or by credit card.

Product availability

The range of products to be found on the website corresponds to the exact real availability of every product and colour, since the website is linked to all the warehouses where the displayed items can be found and all the availability data are updated in real time.

After receiving the purchase order request, reserves the right to confirm the availability of the goods having been purchased, and to check the validity of the transaction by credit card as well as the details on previous transactions carried out by the customer on Should the goods having been ordered not be available, shall send a notification to the customer straight away.

Prices and currency

All the orders are accompanied by an official invoice in euros on which the exact total purchase amount is to be found, as provided for in international trade rules.

For some countries, the price of the goods is displayed in the respective currency.

The amount which shall be effectively charged to the credit card or the bank account might be subject to change due to the fluctuations of the exchange rates or bank charges: for further details, the customers are advised to turn to their own bank establishment.

Packaging packages shall be wrapped and protected in resistant brown cardboard boxes.

Order changes

You are not allowed to change any orders which have already been carried out. Further orders being entered shall be processed and sent separately.

Order processing

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Delivery times

Once the order has been processed, the delivery times are as follows: Italy, Europe EU, USA, Canada and Japan: 1-2-3-4 working days; European non-EU countries and rest of the world: 3-4 working days; Russia: 7 working days.

The above mentioned times refer to shipments towards the main cities. We ask the customer to provide a valid address where the wares are to be delivered during the scheduled times.

Any delivery delay must be reported promptly to our Customer service.

Order delivery

When the parcel is delivered, customers are asked to inspect it carefully before confirming through their signature that the order has been delivered.

The goods start belonging to the customer through their signature. The following cases are possible:

A: At the time of delivery, the package is clearly tampered with: customers are advised to sign the delivery under reserve or refuse it.

B: The (non-EEC) customer refuses the shipment delivery or asks for return to sender: all return shipping costs which might be charged to shall be deducted from a possible refund due to the customer.

C: The shipment cannot be delivered to the address provided by the customer in the trade agreement: the parcel could be sent back to the sender. All return shipping costs shall be borne by the customer and shall be deducted from a possible refund due to the customer.


All products having been sent are insured from the moment they are given to the courier until delivery to the final customer.

Once the wares have been delivered to the address provided and picked up, they are no longer insured.